Over a Century of Old Stock Certificate Research and Old Stock Appraisal Services Since 1880

Old Company Stock Research Service is the successor to the archives, publishing rights and copyrights on obsolete research reference material published by the RM Smythe, Marvyn Scudders Manuals, the Robert D. Fisher Manuals, and the Herzog & Co., Inc. obsolete research services, which have performed expert old stock research services continuously since 1880.

There are other companies who provide a similar service and they will charge up to $100.  In addition, some of them will even want you to split any monies (up to 30%) that can be collected if the certificates are redeemable.  There are no other fees with our service.  We simply provide you the information about the company and how to contact them (or their acquirers)  if they still exist.

Included in our low service fee, we will also show you how to search for unclaimed property on the internet at no additional charge. The origin of unclaimed property law dates back to British common law. Abandoned land was returned to the king along with the transfer of the property rights. Today, this concept has been adopted by the states and applied to intangible property as well as tangible property, excluding real estate. The states do not take permanent title to the property but act as custodians to safeguard it for the rightful owner or their heir until claimed. In many states, there is no time limitation for filing a claim, however the funds can be commingled with state funds if the rightful owner cannot be found. We began this service due to the continued requests we were receiving from customers asking for a reasonably priced internet service to research old stocks.  There were other companies in the research business purporting to be experts in Researching Stock Certificates and charging  what we considered to be high prices.  In 1999, we decided to give them a little competition in the research business. Although some of those other old stock research competitors are not happy about our Old Company Service, you can see what our customers say about our products and decide for yourself by Clicking HereAs can be seen on our Stock Research Website and our Scripophily website, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  By the way, we will help you find the information on your own if you can't afford this service.   You can always call our toll free number for help at 1-888-STOCKS6 or direct at 703-787-3552.  Our fax numbers are 703-995-4422 or 703-904-0878 We have been on the Internet for over 25 years with our Scripophily.com old stock certificate website and our research operations have been in business since 1880 .  We have extensive experience dealing with Estates, Bankers, Attorneys, Wall Street Professionals, C.P.A.'s, Trustee's and individuals.   We are in this business for the long run and believe in quality customer service. You also can see us in the News at ScripophilyNews.com.

Be careful with some other stock research services that are not members of the Better Business Bureau, have little business experience and claim to be experts in collectible stock and bond certificates.  Many of these so called experts have little experience in determining whether your old company stock has real value as a collectible or redeemable security.  Always check to see what the Better Business Bureau says about them.

We are proud of number of orders and positive feedback and testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers at Scripophily.com® during the years. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and dedication, business experience and commitment to quality service. 

We have invested thousands of dollars in research materials in order to provide you the answers you need.  This along with our over 42 years of business experience provides you with quality information to make decisions. We will continue to acquire new resources as they become available so we can provide our customers with the highest quality service at a most competitive price.  

For more information about my background, please click here to see my background on Bloomberg.  Efficiency and quality customer service is the key to our success.


Bob Kerstein
CEO, Scripophily.com Member of the American Institute of Certificate Public Accountants